Skipping The Game How to Jump Rope: The Complete Beginner’s Guide to Jump Rope Training


Are you looking to learn how to exercise by jumping rope(skipping the game)?

The jumping rope(skipping the game) is among the most efficient exercises for burning calories, enhancing endurance and endurance in only 20 minutes. You don’t require much equipment or space to do your workout anywhere you want to travel. This is the most well-known secret of fitness.

The team from Crossrope is proud to have created an easy and simple guide for jumping rope newbies, with step-by-step videos and guidelines. We’ll teach you all you need to know to start your journey to jumping rope (skipping the game) training regardless of your previous experience or level.

At Crossrope we take great pride in ensuring that the advantages of a rope jump are available to everyone. In this post, you’ll find out:

  1. Why you should not be snagging rope
  2. What kind of jump rope is the best for novices?
  3. How do you choose the right jump rope
  4. How do you size your rope jump
  5. How do I learn the proper form
  6. What techniques for footwork should you begin with for newbies
  7. How to incorporate the rope to your exercise routine

Let’s get started!

Why You Should Learn How to Jump Rope(skipping the game)

Before we dive into the basics that come with jumping ropes(skipping the game) let’s discuss the main reasons for jumping rope(skipping the game) in the first place.

1. It’s a very efficient exercise.

Jumping rope(skipping the game) is among the most effective workouts around. The majority of people don’t realize that (which is the reason we call it the best kept secret in fitness)

Studies have shown that you could burn more than 1000 calories in an hour by jumping rope. In comparison to other sports this is among the most efficient cardio exercises and can help to burn off a lot of calories. (Just inquire with Tim who lost more than 50 pounds as well as Kathy who lost 100lbs by in a single jump.)




It also helps enhance you physical endurance, athleticism coordination, agility strength, speed of your feet and so on.

Our rope system provides a better workout because our ropes with weights work muscles in more groups with each leap.


2. It’s an easy and quick exercise

We all know that it isn’t easy finding time to exercise.

A jump rope(skipping the game) is simple to store and is convenient to take along with you wherever you travel. It can be used at your home, or bring it out with you at the park while your children are playing.

Due to its ability to burn calories and overall efficiency It is possible to get the full body workout you want in just 30 minutes if you include weighted ropes in the mix.

So, you’ll find a variety of workouts that are easy to follow within our Crossrope application that you can complete in just 20 minutes. People who use Crossrope have been seen performing jump ropes(skipping the game) at the house at work (during breaks) and at their children’s sports events at the beach of a cruise vessel, and so on.

The jump rope(skipping the game) is a great way to incorporate fitness into your schedule.

3. It’s a great exercise to do

Let’s face it – treadmill rides and stationary bike workouts can get a bit boring. The routine of running through the neighborhood can become boring.

The jump rope(skipping the game) lets users to switch things up. It’s a great exercise tool that you can incorporate into your routine, or it on its own.

The art of jumping rope (skipping the game)can be fun by itself. As your abilities and coordination improve, you’ll be developing new skills in jump rope(skipping the game) and add new exercises into your daily routine. As you progress your confidence increases and your workouts become more efficient and you’re ready to tackle the next obstacle.

A few training tools require mental and physical presence like that of the jumping rope(skipping the game). It’s not a passive exercise. It’s always a full-time job to be involved all the time.

“I tried Peloton but actually feel Crossrope offers a faster, more effective workout.” – Catherine K.

Through the Crossrope application you’re never wondering what workout you should perform. There are hundreds of workout choices for people of all fitness ability levels. There are challenges each month that allow you to change up your routine. We also have programs designed for people who want to accomplish a particular goal.

When you’re doing an exercise you can do anyplace, even an easy change of scenery could be all the motivation you need to complete your next exercise.

4. Plenty More

There are many distinct advantages of using a jump rope(skipping the game). There are few training tools that require mental and physical presence such as the jump rope. This isn’t a mindless exercise. It’s always a full-time job to be active throughout the entire time.

And did you have the knowledge that jumping rope(skipping the game) aids in to develop the right and left brain hemispheres? The sport of jumping rope(skipping the game) improves spatial awareness and enhances your memory which makes you more aware.

The device is also self-limiting instrument that means it is able to enforce good technique. Most injuries that occur during training stem due to exercises that have poor technique. For example, with the jump rope(skipping the game) in the event that you make a mistake with your technique,, you’ll fall more frequently however, you’ll be less prone to injuries that could result because of the constant practice of poor technique.

There’s a third reason why it’s efficient. It can provide you with great fitness gains in a short time. A few participants improve their body in just 30 days by participating in each month’s exercise challenge with a jump rope(skipping the game). You can also incorporate a jump rope into your normal fitness routine and utilize it to meet a range in fitness objectives.

What is the Best Jump Rope(skipping the game) for Beginners?

This is a question that we frequently get from our jumping rope(skipping the game) fitness community What type or type of rope to purchase? What is the best skipping rope for novices?

The majority of novice jumpers begin their journey to jump rope with a cheap, polymer (PVC) rope which can be purchased from any department store.

However, here’s the issue that comes with the lighter PVC ropes…

Light ropes can make learning to jump rope extremely difficult due to their weight and don’t provide any feedback during your jump.

That is it is difficult to feel the rope spinning around you, which makes it difficult to plan your jumps in a proper manner. Lighter jump ropes are typically responsible for the majority of jump rope errors.

If you’re a seasoned athlete or generally have a good level of coordination, then you’ll probably be able to learn to jump rope using an PVC rope. If you’re brand new to jumping or you feel like you’re not coordinated it’s best to choose an entirely different approach.

This is what we recommend: avoid the cheap ropes made of plastic and opt for the rope that is slightly heavier.

The weighted jump ropes(skipping the game) do more than aid in resistance training or weight loss. They also help you master the proper technique and the proper rhythm to master the workout.

Particularly, a weighted jumping rope(skipping the game) does two things:

  1. It will let you feel the rope rotating around your body. This makes it easier to make sure you are timing your jumps.
  2. It’ll slow down the speed of your movements enough for you to maintain a steady pace when you jump.

Although it may sound counterintuitive however, we’ve seen this story repeatedly at our previous workshops: after many mistakes made with a lighter rope; we’ll provide the new jumper a heavier rope (most typically our 1/2-LB rope) and observe the magic unfold. The jumper will go from trip-up the next trip-up, and then they string a series of jumps in a matter of seconds.

“The rope’s weight is ideal for me, and I’m finally getting better at my technique. The lighter ropes were way too heavy and I fell often, but it wasn’t the same enjoyable as right now!” – Linda A.

So , what’s the most effective jump rope for newbies?

Any rope with weight to it can be used. For those who are new Crossrope clients, we strongly recommend starting with the white 1/2-lb rope. It is the ideal weight of rope to start with.

How to Choose a Jump Rope(skipping the game)

To begin, take this test to discover which the best jump rope for you.

There are a variety of jump ropes on the market today which may be a bit intimidating when you’re only beginning. Don’t worry. We got you covered.

If you’re struggling to figure out what to do with a jump rope, consider your objectives.

Are you looking to use a rope to aid in losing weight? If weight loss is your objective, then you’ll need to include a bit of weight on your ropes. It’s the The Get Lean Set is the best rope combo to help you lose weight.

This Get Lean set comes with 1 1/4 LB and 1 1/2 LB jump rope that is designed for HIIT , as well as the jump rope for cardio workouts that make you sweat.

Are you focusing on building muscles? If this is the kind of strength training you’re seeking, then the high-quality spring rope is a good place to beginning.

This Set Get Strong set is a great introduction to ropes that are heavy, and comes with a 1 2 LB and a Lb jump rope(skipping the game).

If you’re looking to get the most of both worlds We highly advise getting the The Get Fit Bundle that includes Sets Get Lean + Get Strong Sets.

This is the most effective way to start. It is possible to purchase each set individually but why limit your exercise options right from the start? You can learn from Anne:

“I am in love with these ropes! I made the error of purchasing only just the Get Lean Set to start with instead of purchasing the entire bundle. I’ve since ordered an entire Get Strong Set. The ropes and the app (that is constantly updated with new exercises) are excellent.” Anne.


You might be thinking about the disadvantages of a rope with weights in case you’re just starting out and we understand. The weighted ropes can be intimidating. What should you do if novice to jumping rope(skipping the game) instruction?

How to Size a Jump Rope(skipping the game)

Another question we are frequently addressed at Crossrope is which size of jump rope is the best for beginning. If your jump rope isn’t properly sized for you could make learning a bit more difficult.

At Crossrope We’ve simplified the process, making selecting a size simple and simple. Our ropes are measured according to your height. When selecting a rope you’ll be able to see a chart of sizes which will let you know the size you’ll need.

Look over the Get Fit Bundle to be able to see the various sizes available.

How to Learn Proper Jump Rope(skipping the game) Form

Alright. You’ve got your rope. It’s weighed. It’s in the proper size. Good.

How do you begin?

In this article, we’ll cover a few important jumping rope(skipping the game) techniques for novices that you have to master in order to learn the jump rope.

If you are interested in jumping rope(skipping the game), you should be aware of some essential, yet simple items. Let’s go over them each one by one.

How to Hold a Jump Rope(skipping the game)

The way you place your hands during a jump rope is extremely important You should focus on two aspects in particular:

  1. Symmetry It is important to make sure that your hands are approximately the same distance away from the centerline of your body.
  2. Moving: you want to ensure that there is a minimum movement of your elbows and shoulders. The wrists of your hands should trigger the rotation of the jump rope.

Proper Bounding

The purpose of jumping rope(skipping the game) is to ensure continuous jumping and bounding.

You should try to reduce the distance you leave between you to the floor. Your leaps should be about 1 inch off the ground.

It is also not a good idea to take your feet off the ground or pull your knees up. It’s best to keep your feet in a slight downward direction on each leap.

A second important point – ensure that there is an incline in your knees and you’re landing comfortably on the ball of your feet with each leap. This will ensure that the stress caused by jumping are effectively released throughout your body.

Another aspect…

If you’re struggling to get your “double hop,” we’ve provided a simple solution to help you right here.

Your First Jump Rope(skipping the game) Exercise

When you’re comfortable with the basic concepts then you’re ready to begin your first jumping rope(skipping the game) workout.

The first thing you’ll need to master is the basic jump. Here’s how the basic jump will look like:


When you’re practicing the fundamental jump, here’s a reminder of important rules to be aware of:

  • Make sure your feet are close while jumping
  • Take a leap onto the midsoles your feet, and then land gently
  • Make sure your jumps are low ( 1/8 ” – 1″ off the ground)
  • Keep your knees bent slightly at all times.
  • Maintain a neutral, tall spine
  • Keep your head elevated with your chest raised, while keeping your look forward with your head.
  • Keep your shoulders back, while your elbows are held up and to the side.
  • Your hands should be placed along the middle of your body.
  • Utilize your wrists to rotate your rope (not your shoulders or elbows)

The basic jump will require some practice before you master your rhythm, timing and rhythm. A weighted rope can help improve your performance. Mirrors can also assist you in identifying any symmetry issues you could be experiencing.

(skipping the game)Jump Rope Footwork for Beginners

When you’re satisfied with your first jump, you’ve constructed the platform you need to learn other activities with a jump rope and footwork designs.

The five main jump rope fitness routines we suggest you learn after the jump is:

  1. The alternative foot step
  2. The step of the boxer
  3. The swing to the side
  4. Cross-over
  5. Double under

There is a full instruction on these (and many more) exercise within the jump rope workout instructional guide.

Your First Jump Rope(skipping the game) Workout

You’ve made it to finish!

You’ve got your (weighted) jump rope. You’ve measured it correctly. You’ve got the fundamentals set. You’ve also learned the basics of footwork.

It’s time to give the beginner’s jump rope workout.

Try the workout below, however the most effective location to locate a variety of beginner jump rope exercises you can follow (and use wherever you go) is through the Crossrope jump rope application. The app is available in the the App Store as well as Google Play.

How To Jump Rope(skipping the game) Summary

Thank you for spending the time to read our comprehensive beginner’s guide to jump rope instruction. We hope that you gained something of value and encouraged you to give jumping rope(skipping the game) lessons an attempt.

Here’s a quick summary of the lessons we’ve learned. We began by examining the main reasons to jump rope. There are a variety of reasons but the convenience, versatility as well as efficiency and portability were among the most popular ones.

We discussed the importance of selecting the appropriate rope. While it may seem counterintuitive, a heavier rope (like our 1/2 LB rope in the Take Fit Bundle) can make it much easier to learn to jump.

We spoke about the importance of using the appropriate rope in hand and delved into the most fundamental jump rope skills you need to master – specifically hand positioning and correct bounding. We also discussed the first exercise in the jump rope you must master the basic jump.

We concluded our session by tackling your first jump rope exercise. Be sure to download the app for the full jump rope experience.

Got questions?

We’d love to hear from you about your questions. Please leave them in the comment section below!

Are you interested in helping others learn to use a jump rope? Take a look at the How to Rope Rope Story + send it to your colleagues!

Physical Benefits of Jumping Rope

Twelve advantages from rope-jumping(skipping the game) that you should not overlook

We’ve all heard of aerobic activities like running, swimming or cycling. If you truly would like to see your heart reach “the red line”, rope jumping is the perfect exercise It will be a humbling experience (especially in the beginning) and I’m sure it will hook you in the end.

I’ll share my reasons why I chose to complete this exercise.

(skipping the game)Rope jumping helps you lose weight

It is among the most famous advantages for people who begin the rope jump. You are aware that losing weight is all about numbers that help you generate more calories than those we consume. Simple, yet, it’s so complicated.

According to a research study conducted by What’s Cooking America, we consume about 13 calories each minute while rope jumping at 120 rpm speed/rhythm. This means that we are burning 130 calories in ten minutes.

If you’re interested in knowing what this means, I’ve made the table from an first Whats Cooking America one with a few examples


If you’d like to do the calculations yourself, download the entire Table in Excel format along with the formulas below..

If you’re more than an absolute beginner in this field as well the double-unders are not a problem to you on this informationgraphic, will also be able to see how many calories we consume when we perform double unders..


Cardiovascular exercise

According to the article posted on webmd.comPeter Schuman, MD an associate professor in the department of Cardiology and Pulmonary Medicine, at Connecticut Health Center University states that:

“Rope jumping is truly good for the heart”

This is an activity that can enhance your endurance since it enhances your cardiovascular endurance and improves you aerobic capability. This allows you to improve your oxygenation and, perhaps most important of all, it will extend the time that it takes you to feel tired during other sports.

A study conducted by Temple University discovered that men can reap significant benefits to their cardiovascular health because it aids in decreasing blood pressure and heart rate and also increases the amount of oxygen consumed.

They suggest 10 to 20 minute training sessions every five days, to observe rapid improvement.


(skipping the game)Rope jumping engages every muscle in your body

If you are looking for an exercise that is challenging the entire body, then rope jumping is the perfect exercise for you. Sporting and athletic athletes participate in this sport since it’s an highly enjoyable way of working out both the lower and upper body.

The muscles in your core including your abdominals and the lumbar muscles are engaged, especially during leaps that require greater skill. When you perform routines such as when you must perform cross jumps or double unders you’ll work, over all, the upper part of your body which includes shoulders, chest, and arms.

Rope Jumping Benefits

Improves your coordination

If you’re a novice and have noticed it, it’s not a surprise.

The way that experts do rope jumps is quite different from the one you’ve been doing the first times. It appears as if the rope lives of its own. it is not governed by your mind… This is something that is normal.

The rope will give you more coordination, which you’ll be able to develop slowly. To increase your skills in this area, there are countless possible jumps to test. There are a few exercises that will allow you to develop co-ordination between legs and your arms in this way.

(skipping the game)Rope jump training improves your endurance

In accordance with the earlier points the rope jumping technique can aid in improving the endurance of your body and increase your fitness level, and will help you to perform long-term tasks.

Do you have any fond memories of Do you remember Rocky Balboa as well as Kate Perry?

Rope jumping lets you gradually increase your speed, intensify the pace, duration, or the intensity of your jumps making it possible for your endurance to gradually increase.

Improve your speed and agility

Rope jumping helps you build muscles fibers that will allow you to speed up. This is the kind of fibers present during explosive movements, in which the muscle contraction happens quick and rapid.

In a study published in 1998 for an article in the ” Journal of Applied Physiology” The research scientist Leena Paavolainen discovered that training with explosive force like rope jumping, leads to significant improvements in time of runners in 5K. Read this study.

(skipping the game)Rope-jumping stimulates your brain and relieves stress.

Rope jumping can help you build both hemispheres of your brain that helps you develop different abilities, including memory, or spatial awareness.

There’s no evidence we have found, however when someone starts rope jumping, it’s likely that getting the necessary coordination complete the jump creates the neural pathways.

It is established beyond any doubt that our brains are in a state of plasticity, i.e., it is constantly changing, evolving, and evolves, and makes new connections on a daily basis. Learning new skills helps in the creation of the neural networks that are created.

Additionally, when that we perform when jumping it releases endorphins that helps reduce stress and calms your muscles. Did you notice this when you completed your exercise? If that’s not the situation, I’ll leave this exercise routine that is sure to relax you or at the very least, make you feeling so exhausted that you’ll forget about any stress in your mind.

Make your breathe easier

Based on what we’ve observed that (skipping the game)rope jumping can help you improve your cardiovascular capacity and makes you quicker as well as more agile and coordinated, as you use every muscle in your body. In the end, the immediate result is an improvement of your breathing performance.

Rope-jumping is an effective aerobic exercise. It can be enough to witness how many athletes of elite level perform this kind of exercise every day.

(skipping the game)Rope jumping does not have to be dependent on shape.

One of the greatest benefits for rope jumpers is that they don’t need to be in peak fitness to be able to perform it. In reality, anyone regardless of their fitness level can be able to do it and then gradually progress.

In contrast to other sports, such as cycling or running in which you need to have a certain amount of muscle strength to not to end up dying while playing the rope, it allows you to gradually increase your confidence and fitness.

A higher time-benefit ratio than running

Based on the preceding point Based on the previous point, rope jumping can bring you more benefits than other activity when it comes to the amount of time you spend working out. When we look at, specifically running and rope jumping, it is an incredibly efficient activity.

If we consider finances it is likely that the rate of return (ROI) is higher on than running. This makes it the ideal activity for those who have limited time to spare or who live in areas that have bad weather or do not have the space to run, or where they can play other sports.

It’s a free game

In previous posts the rope jump is among the most affordable sports, and also one of the most effective ones. If we return to the idea of ROI that we discussed at the beginning of this paragraph, only a handful of sports can provide the same amount of return for the amount of money you invest.

In comparison to other sports, like cycling or skiing such as cycling rope jumping is a bargain.

You can purchase an original VRope Earth to train with as well as VRope Fire, the Ferrari of ropes the latest game VRope Fire 2.0.

Prevention of injury

After you’ve successfully learned and practiced your rope-jumping technique and have a rope that is of the right dimensions, the activity is less damaging to your joints than other exercises with lesser intensity.


The key to a successful rope jump is performing it with the tip of your toes so that any impact will be absorbed by the feet to you’re hips. This will spread the strain and benefiting from the natural shock-absorbing properties of our body…

Exercises that are well-executed will strengthen those muscles, ligaments and fibers, all while keeping you from injury and discomfort.

Dr. Daniel W. Barry, an instructor of medicine of The University of Colorado, in Denver as well as an investigator who looked into the bones of adults as well as of athletes. He said:

“The best exercise to improve our bone density is to jump up and down” Does it seem familiar to you?

In sum, very few sports provide more for less.

We hope you find this article to be interesting If that’s the case, then please contribute by sharing the article on your social media networks.

Mental Benefits of Jumping Rope(skipping the game)

1. It can be meditativeThough it’s quite intense it can be quite meditative. “I always find my zone when I start jumping rope(skipping the game),” Mosbarger explains. Mosbarger. “Once you hear the rhythm and get into your groove, you can get lost in that.”

It is described as a type which is an actively meditation that lets you be completely focused to just maintaining a steady beat, with no other. It is also possible to engage in a game of mindfulness with it, she says by shutting your eyes and taking 30 minutes to be quiet and listen to the sounds of your rope or any other sound and vibrations that are in the environment around you.

2. Improves spatial awarenessThe habit of jumping rope(skipping the game) regularly can increase the spatial awareness of your body, according to Ezekh. This is because you have focus on what’s front, behind and around you while you’re on the rope. This is especially true when you’re in a narrow area; otherwise you’re at risk of hitting nearby objects using your rope. The enhanced spatial awareness that you get by jumping rope(skipping the game) will “definitely make you a better athlete,” says Ezekh. “There’s a lot of scenarios where being aware of space and being able to be agile can be very beneficial.”

3. Is old-fashioned, good amusementThe act of jumping rope(skipping the game), and the coordination required for it to be full-body isn’t easy initially. With practice, individuals tend to get better at it quickly, according to Mosbarger after which, once this occurs, “it can be a lot of fun,” DiPaolo says. Perhaps it will bring you back to being a happy child once more. Maybe you’ll discover a lot of enjoyment in learning new skills. Maybe you’ll fall over its meditative properties. “I feel like everybody [who can] should try to jump rope and see how they like it,” says Ezekh, “because it might be something that they’ll really enjoy.”

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